This is why 'Bigg Boss' should not be taken seriously

'Bigg Boss' is the complete package: a cringe-fest of a broadcast, a case study on human behavior, and a test bed for the temperament and emotional ability of (controversial) celebrities as they are forced to survive without amenities. There's even a weekly jukebox of Salman Khan's movie hits. It's a strange exhibition. Where else can you see people listening to upbeat music as soon as they get out of bed? And where else can you see the elitist normalization and trivialization of a societal vice?

On Twitter, there are almost as many sexist remarks, battles, backbiting, and misogyny as there are on the reality show. So much so that, at a time when India is mourning the Hathras gangrape case, a nosedived economy, and a novel coronavirus, 'Bigg Boss' and its present and former contestants dominate top trends on the micro-blogging platform. Check how to Bigg Boss 15 Watch Online.

Sidharth Shukla, the winner of the show's thirteenth and most competitive season, has a legion of followers, dubbed SidHearts, who make it a point to trend hashtags in his name almost every day. They act like a support net, ready to protect their idol at all times, even though he goes overboard with his violence.

Shehnaaz Kaur Gill, another well-known contestant, is also a close friend (or so we think) of Sidharth. Her supporters are known as 'Shehnaazians,' and they are still fighting SidHearts. The explanation for this is because of the tag 'SidNaaz.' Users as young as 12-13 years old and as old as 36-37 years old compete on Twitter to prove who, between Sidharth and Shehnaaz, "used" the other throughout the show's run. Sidharth's fans call Shehnaaz by obscene names, and Shehnaaz's fans call Sidharth by obscene names, despite the fact that the two stars have always vouched for their unbreakable relationship and friendship.

Nobody wins, even the SidNaazians. Sidharth and Shehnaaz are the only ones who lose. The 'Bigg Boss 14' con followed closely on the heels of the TV TRP deception. According to reports, the voyeuristic show's producers decided to capitalize on the previous season's success and asked Shukla to add spice and 'anything good' to the otherwise boring group.

Hina Khan, the runner-up in Season 11, and Gauahar Khan, the winner of Season 7, were both invited as'seniors.' And what happened next was unexpected. Gauahar bonded with Sidharth, the same guy she had been slamming on Twitter all season. Sidharth and Hina made a fool of themselves, giving birth to the hashtag #SidHina.

However, the hashtag met a disastrous end at the end of their run when a video of Hina throwing shade at Shuklajee went viral. Sidharth, on the other hand, remained unchanged. He fought like his S13 self, flirted like a pro, and screamed at high decibels. His appearance on Bigg Boss 14 boosted TRPs in the early weeks of the show's run, and the channel offered him an unceremonious send-off for the same reason. And there are more eyes on it.

And as this curiosity grows, so will the number of social media battles. It is precisely what occurred. When a contestant, Rubina Dilaik, shouted "women strength" on television — on a subject that had nothing to do with womanhood — some "blue ticks" on Twitter stood up for the Khan couple. When Bigg Boss declared Sidharth's team had lost a challenge due to "bahumat," they sided with Hina and Gauahar once more (read: majority).

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